ESOT Action Day 28 April 2024

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Statement for ESOT Action Day 2024

As we gather to mark ESOT Action Day 2024, our collective focus is on a crucial and transformative goal: 'Tackling Inequalities in Organ Transplantation: A Vision for 2024-2029.'

This year, we are committed to highlighting and addressing the disparities that hinder equitable access to organ transplantation. Our mission extends beyond the boundaries of medicine, fostering a community of support and advancing public policies that enhance the efficacy and accessibility of transplantation across Europe.

We invite you to join us in this essential endeavor. Your support can propel forward our initiatives to increase donor registrations across diverse communities, improve transplantation services, and ensure that our advancements in transplant medicine benefit all segments of society equally

Together, let's embrace this vision for 2024-2029 and work tirelessly towards a future where organ transplantation is a universal beacon of hope, accessible to all.


In the name of the Transplant Hepatology Community,

Dr. Speranta Iacob

Prof. Dr. Liana Gheorghe


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