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RoALD Resolutions 2024

Founded in 2018 as a highly active, non-profit medical association aiming to disseminate science and the practice of hepatology in Romania, Romanian Association for Liver Diseases (RoALD) has gradually become a dynamic and essential organization, a must-attend home for professionals devoted to hepatology in our country. Our progress and growth were gradual and built around our major educational event, the annual Update on Hepatology course.

As a community we share the goals of delivering resources and top educational activities, shaping high quality, compassionate and evidence-based care for our patients, embracing innovation and technology, advancing and harmonizing clinical standards and helping our community stay connected and maintain a commitment to lifelong learning in hepatology and liver transplantation.

Our mission: advance our profession through excellence, innovation, and modern technology

Our vision: become champions of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of liver diseases, contributing to the mitigation of liver-related morbidity and mortality

Our pillars: Education, Patient Care, Research, Advocacy , Clinical Practice

Our offers include: our Annual Update on Hepatology Course, research support,  support for public health and advocacy intiatives and campaigns at a local and national level, working closely with patient organisations, high standards and quality improvement initiatives

Being an active member of our association is almost like being part of a big family with similar interests and values. We aim for our annual course to be like a family gathering.

We therefore invite you to be a part of our initiatives in 2024.

In RoALD we work together for a better life through liver health



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13 Iunie 2024 - Global Fatty Liver Day

12.06.2024 More
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Forumul de Hepatologie Metabolica

12.06.2024 More
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Scoala Nationala de Vara de Gastroenterologie si Hepatologie editia a 20-a

12.06.2024 More
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European board of transplantation medicine

05.06.2024 More
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Educational spring meeting

29.05.2024 More
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ESOT Action Day 28 April 2024

28.04.2024 More
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Quality of Life after Liver Transplantation

25.04.2024 More
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19 Aprilie - World Liver Day (WLD)

19.04.2024 More
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Craiova Connects

04.04.2024 More
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11th Update on Hepatology Course 2024

21.03.2024 More

About us

RoALD is a professional, highly active non-profit medical association aiming to disseminate the science and practice of hepatology in Romania, and to promote high quality patient care and liver health in our country.

It was founded in 2018 by a small group of liver specialists to bring together those who can contribute to the field and to fill an organizational gap. We eagerly hope that our society will soon become a large forum for specialists in liver diseases.

RoALD is a complex and growing medical community of health care professionals and scientists including gastroenterologists, pathologists, radiologists, infectious disease specialists, surgeons, oncologists, neurologists, biologists, other specialists and dedicated nurses acting inside Romania and committed to preventing and curing liver diseases.


The individual membership allowing

  • Reduced fees to the Up-to Date in Hepatology Course and other events organized by RoALD
  • Access to our online medical educational resources
  • Access to RoALD Community page
  • Funding support: research and registry grants
  • Monthly News


Getting involved in state-of-the-art patient care, the sharing of knowledge, mentoring and dedication to professional development are among the core values of our society and its members.

Joining RoALD, you will be part of an ambitious professional and public commitment and you will play an active role in helping us on our mission.

National members are welcome and anyone interested in liver diseases can join and benefit from our programmes and services.