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Poza stire - Craiova Connects

Celebrating the World Health Day, the Congress is taking place on April at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova.

During the 3-4 days, the scientific topic is addressing themes of major interest not only for doctors of the specialties whom the edition is dedicated to, but also for internists, family doctors, nurses and more, as can be seen from scientific program (

The event is beginning with Hands on training, to support those interested in improving their skills in animal models digestive endoscopy, musculoskeletal ultrasound, dermatologic therapeutic procedures, gynecological ultrasound, insulin pumps handling, smart cooking for healthy body etc.

Also, plenary meetings are scheduled with the discussion of common topics of gastroenterology and connecting specialties of every edition. The sessions are coordinated by key opinion leaders in the field, sessions with the most important diagnostic and treatment news

An improvement added is offering new opportunities for young doctors in order to encourage and support them in two sessions: residents are teamed together in a didactic game of playful competition, and young specialists are paired to present interesting, complex and challenging clinical cases.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova wishes to address issues related to thinking patterns, the transition from individual to collaboration, improving communication in work teams, but also to the patient, streamlining personalized therapies following appropriate case management.

We proposed in every edition in the last day the participants to be joined by success trainers who were developed models of communication, given that this congress, by connecting several specialties, aims at emphasizing the teamwork, multidisciplinary diagnosis, and treatment of the patient.

The connections of specialties established in the first three editions were:

2022: gastroenterology – rheumatology – dermatology

2023: gastroenterology – obstetrics and gynecology – diabetes and nutrition

2024: gastroenterology – oncology – genetics

The next edition, 3-5 April 2025 will be focused on the silent killer of modernity: OBESITY.

The specialties involved will be gastroenterology, diabetes and nutrition, endocrinology, cardiology, bariatric surgery, oncology.